Fujifund is a charitable project that uses photography to raise money to support charities in their life changing work.

Fujifund champions the good work that organisations do for others and through photography actively engages with them to help make a difference.


Love The One is the charity that Fujifund will be sponsoring throughout its first 12 month campaign. It believes in the selfless care and service that Cat, Mary and their incredible team give to children and families in India. Love The One works tirelessly so that the children and families in their care have the opportunity to reach their full potential within the freedom that best encourages that. Fujifund couldn’t be prouder to advocate all that they do.


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Want to discover why Fujifund is espousing the life changing work of Love The One and what 100% of your auction amount will do?

Banner photograph used with kind permission from Paul Sanders

Fujifund aims to sell exclusive photographs taken by an exceptional collection of Fujifilm's Global Ambassador photographers, otherwise known as X-Photographers.


Each Fujifilm X-Photographer has kindly donated a photograph that exhibits their style and photographic prowess, demonstrating why they are hailed and known to many as world-leading visionaries. Fujifund is sincerely thankful and extremely proud to be partnering with them in this way. Funds raised from each photograph will help sponsor programmes that will benefit the poorest and most marginalised people in the world.


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You have the chance to own a signed and framed photograph taken exclusively for Fujifund. And in the process, you will change to the lives of others.

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The exclusive photographs that Fujifund have the privilege to auction will be printed and framed in the same world-class manner in which they were taken. Fujifund is proud to have the multi-award winning photography lab, Digitalab as a much valued partner.

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Each auctioned photograph will be printed to a dimension of 12x18 inches and will be displayed on Fujifilm’s very best professional photographic paper, the Fujifilm Fujicolor Crystal Archive MAXIMA.

They will then be framed in house at Digitalab ready to be shipped to the winning bidder.

To find out more about Digitalab, click here.

Banner photograph used with kind permission from Alex Ingram and Digitalab


Logo and Fujicolor banner is property of Fujifilm Corporation

With your help, Fujifund can aid in the life changing work of Love The One.


Fujifund’s X-Photographer auctions will be the main channel of raising money for Love The One, but you can also give by choosing a stand-alone donation. The impact of your action will help change the lives of so many children and families in India and will provide continued support for the incredible Love The One team.

How can Fujifund help?

The money that Fujifund amounts can be used in a multitude of ways, each being as important as the next. Here are some examples that will impact the children and families in India, through your generosity and passion for photography:


Your contribution will help sponsor children in Love The One’s care. It provides uniform, food, education costs and medical bills. You will impact many children’s lives having these essential necessities that will aid them growing up in a good and child-centred way.


Your action replaces equipment needed in the EPIC centres. Outdoor and indoor toys and games will be replenished.

Your gift will also help provide playground equipment for the Love The One school.


Your kindness will help provide sets of blankets and supplies for villages most in need.

Family homes are also in need of attention and your generosity will help repair and improve the state of roofs, ensuring protection from the elements.

Brand new school

Finally, there are plans to build a brand new school for Love The One that replaces the building they currently use. Your passion for photography and giving will also help raise funds needed to construct this brand new building that will continue to teach and provide for, not only the children presently under Love The One’s care, but many, many more in the future.

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