This website/blog, in it’s entirety, is dedicated to the words of another found in a book called Colossians:

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

I have been wrestling for such a long time to discover a way of joining two passions together to produce a new creative outlet. Faiph is the result.

Faith + photography = Faiph

For me, purpose cannot be more poignant than to use my creative enjoyment of photography to explore and grow my faith in Jesus Christ.

There are so many beautiful websites by a multitude of inspired visionaries, some I have the privilege of calling good friends, that already celebrate and communicate photography in a way that I can only dream of showcasing. This project, is my thumb print on photography, that can hopefully join with theirs as another language translating a further vision of the world. It is a very personal venture, that will allow me to exhibit what I see from the perspective of what I believe and know at my core.

Whether it be words and pictures or just words or just pictures, I want to explore what my faith can do to my photography as I partner with GOD to lift what I see, to picture what He sees.

Simply put, Faiph is my creative journey of faith.

My photography has never felt so alive and with that, so life-giving. This is the closest, so far, to living the dream as I’ve ever had.

Because Faith can move Photography