A pocket of time to create your own family story

Creating, finessing and telling stories is something that Iain has had much experience in during his time as a teacher and more importantly as a father. This understanding of the narrative is what he takes into his photography. Everyday life is something that can often be forgotten about, but what is accomplished during these times is what we all partake in the most and because of that they should be documented to reveal the reality of what family life is like. Having the opportunity to participate in these moments is something Iain looks forward to and he endeavours to demonstrate the same energy and devotion he draws upon when shooting his own family. Once Upon a Day sessions with Iain are exactly what the name suggests, a pocket of time to create your own unique family story. These sessions can be from an hour long to a whole day, starting as you wake all the way until heads hit the hay; from an afternoon or just in the morning or aiding in the capturing of a special family event or trip.

The intention of the Once Upon a Day sessions is to create a bank of memories that can be looked back on with great fondness. Many, many years after it, your session will serve as a beautiful memento celebrating what your family was like; remembered with much love and affection. The way that everyday should be.

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

Ralph Hattersley