Meet K… no picture or words could ever describe what this little boy’s life is like.

K has severe ADHD, which is a real problem for him. He has huge impulses that he cannot seem to control.

Today, for example, he tried to jump off the school roof. Yesterday, he threw a machete at me, last week he hit a teacher in the head with a clip board … shall I go on?

K’s life at home is so sad. His condition isn’t understood, and the scars on his body show the beatings he has had. Once he came in with such a deep head wound, that a member of his family did, and we had to take him to be stitched up immediately. The saddest thing is he had been left alone all night with an open wound, living in a cramped house, and no one did anything.

I won’t lie, K is extremely testing and at times his behaviour can be physically exhausting but I am so glad he gets to come into a loving environment everyday at a school that promises no child will ever be hit. We keep him safe, encourage him to learn, and let him run …. Run, play and get all his energy out in an environment that is safe.

K has taught me how to love deeply, even when it is hard, how to forgive quickly and how to look past the tough outer shell of a person in order to see what is really inside.

Recently K has seen, heard and experienced real trauma, and has been removed, with mum, from his family home. I was part of the team that went to get him and I got the privilege of holding his hand when he left his house and moved into new accommodation. Seeing his joy at leaving, and his happiness at receiving new toys and clothes was utterly heart breaking and one moment I will never forget.

But … he is LOVED, he is SAFE and he is HAPPY. I do wonder what the future will hold for K but I know that while he is part of the Love the One family, it is a bright one.