Rohit is 7 years old. He comes to school every day with his buttons all done up the wrong way, his shoes on the wrong feet, and his clothes unwashed. I guess he has had to learn early how to dress himself, and I suppose he is still too young to wash his own clothes.

When he walks in to school, I kneel down to his level, and give him a huge grin. Gently I sort out his buttons, put his shoes on the correct feet and send him on his way.

I have to daily mask the lump that seems to rush towards my throat. Seeing the joy on his face, and the love he receives at school makes me so happy. I just wish the same was said for his home life.

Rohit’s house is surrounded by animals. He lives in a small house with a soil floor. A single room for him and his family to sleep. His father owns a teashop on the main road and mum goes to clean pots and pans for a very small wage. Rohit lives with his 3 brothers.

When I think about Rohit, I thank God that Love the One exists and found him. I dread to think what his life would be like without the lifeline of coming to school.

Love The One is utterly unique, and offers so much more than just an education. Rohit gets breakfast as soon as he walks into school, with a nice full belly he gets to learn songs, play with his friends and is starting to read. He receives school uniform, shoes, a bag and anything he needs to help him learn. Rohit gets chance to celebrate his birthday each year, with a cake and presents. If Rohit is dirty, our loving staff with spot that and get him cleaned up. With love and care, Rohit will have health checks, and get to see our doctors for free.

Love The One have literally changed his life.