Mud & tag

Once upon a day, two boys experimented with earth and water to make thick, brown and gloopy mud. Things then got a little messy…

Summer means water and water on garden grass means mud and mud means hands and hands means tag.

Enough said.

Uncle Chris

Once upon a day, Uncs launched a bucket of water into the air like a rocket bursting into the sky…

My big little brother loves to prank and jest with the children of our family. In this burst sequence lasting seconds, it captures one such occasion. Both our eldest children were up for him launching a bucket of water into the air to then cascade onto them. It was a super moment to catch and demonstrates that stories can be seconds long as well as hours.

It goes without saying that both our children loved this time.


Once upon a day, two brothers fell out with one another and then Mummy came to the rescue…

This family story starts with my 2 eldest sons having a falling out. My youngest comes out the worser of the two, but what makes this narrative of shots so heartwarming for me as a photographing father, is the tender intervention of my wife and her gentle and calmingly persuasive way of turning the sad situation around into a celebration of love and affection.

Like only a mother could.