Welcome to Fujifund.

Before having the idea for Fujifund, I had been wrestling with the idea of how photography might have a deeper sense of service; how it might act as an outreach to others, in particular those in need, and how this challenge to use photography, primarily for their benefit, might come about.

It’s origin stems from having my application of photography tested so much that I felt compelled to view photography through a totally new pair of eyes.

I was moved to ask the question: how could photography change the lives of others and reflect love, goodness, kindness, generosity and compassion?

Fujifund exists to accomplish every facet this question explores and comes from a place of believing that photography can make a difference, focusing entirely on the poorest and most marginalised people in the world. It exists to tap into the passion that photography generates for so many of us, to then redirect it to fund the freedom of the lives of so many through championing the charitable work of heroic people dedicated to the areas where suffering is most felt.

I am so very excited by the prospect of Fujifund and all that it could achieve. I am so very excited by the support received from so many people within the Fujifilm industry as well as many more within the wider Fujifilm community. And I am so very excited that success feels inevitable. But I am most excited about the difference that photography will make, because photography can, and I believe will, make a difference through Fujifund.

I honestly don’t know how much this project will raise. I hope it is lots and that the charitable heart that beats inside Fujifund’s values affects many to give much, which will then do more for those Fujifund will support at Love The One in India.

Photographs will be taken. But the impassioned truth is that with each one, lives will be changed. Isn’t that certainty enough to stir you, and like Fujifund, use your fervour for photography in a new, encouraging and life giving way?

I earnestly hope so.

Let’s change lives together, one photo at a time.

Iain Palmer, Founder

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