How will we change lives through photography?

The foundation for Fujifund raising the money it would like to is firmly set in holding regular auctions. Each month an auction of the finest Fujifilm photographs taken by the world’s best Fujifilm photographers will be launched and will run for 2 weeks in order to give ample time to raise as much money as possible. This is how Fujifund intends to sponsor the life changing work that Love The One champions every day.

What is exciting, is that to alert the Fujifilm Community to each auction, an interview with the donor X-Photographer will be published on the Fujilove website. Here, a more in depth understanding of the photograph will be explored so that as much context as possible is given to the photographs, making the ownership of them more exclusive and unique.

In order to discover the sorts of photographs that are to be auctioned, Fujifund has provided you with a brief introduction to each donor X-Photographer with a link to review more about who they are and what exceptional photography that create as well as their exclusive Fujilove Interview.


Live auction

Live Auctions and Interviews coming soon

Fujifund’s donor X-Photographers

Fujifilm X-Photographer russell ord

Australian Rugby League Player come Fireman come Fujifilm X-Photographer Russell Ord uses his passion for adventure and discovery to lead him to the outstanding photographs he is well renowned for.

His work celebrates life and the environment and tells of stories seen in the unseen wilderness. Russell’s remarkable eye at capturing the essence of movement and the vivacity of nature is second to none and as well as being published in numerous magazines and books, he is also the recipient of the IPA International Sports Photographer of the Year Award in 2016.

Russell was also the subject of the documentary ‘One-Shot’ which was broadcasted by ABC.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Isabel Corthier

Belgium Fujifilm X-Photographer Isabel Corthier is no stranger when it comes to supporting humanitarian and fundraising causes. Isabel’s work has seen her represent Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) such as Caritas, Trias, Médecins sans Frontières (MSF – Doctors without Borders)

Her photography has been exhibited globally and in 2014 she was awarded the EP European Photographer certificate. In 2019, she received a Gold Award at the PX3 in Paris for her South African photographic series called, Free Yourself.

Isabel has recently had a photo-series published in National Geographic.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Sonia Zeigler

Danish Fujifilm X-Photographer Sonia Ziegler loves to incorporate her passion for travel in her photography, whether that be of people, the cultures she has experienced or just the wonder she immersed herself into in the places she has visited.

With her deep care for the planet infused into her images and lifestyle, her camera acts like her passport, fully loaded with curiosity and vivacity.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins

UK Fujifilm X-Photographer Kevin Mullins is a world renowned Fujifilm X-Photographer who has a multitude of awards for his reportage style wedding photography in which he simply loves to take photos of people being people, all the while, telling their story.

He is a member of many prestiges professional photographic bodies, as well as being one eighth of the international photography collective, KAGE.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Palle Schultz

Danish Fujifilm X-Photographer Palle Schultz is a photographer who is as adept in his skills at stills photography as he is with film photography.

He excels in portraiture and has recently completed an outstanding series celebrating female strength and integrity. In this series, he demonstrates not only his genius at relaxing the subject to celebrate as truer a reflection as possible, but also his colour grading expertise, which adds the finger print to photographs that only he can.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Jonas Rask

Danish Fujifilm X-Photographer Jonas Rask epitomises photography. Not only is he Fujifilm Corporation’s product photographer of choice, but is also a highly regarded tester and reviewer for them too. Jonas’s website is a true testament to this with it being a Mecca for loyal Fujifilm shooters and would-be Fuji enthusiasts alike , who visit to read what his well-respected opinions have to say as well as see what can truly be produced with each product.

Jonas is a world class street photographer and demonstrates a superb eye for capturing those fleeting moments and turning them into photographic masterclasses. Jonas is also a member of the international photography collective, KAGE.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Paul Sanders

UK Fujifilm X-Photographer Paul Sanders is a landscape photographer who draws his inspiration from the beauty he finds around him. Specialising in long exposures, Paul creates exquisite captures that carry influences of artists such as Marc Rothko, Turner, Constable and Maris Luisa Hernandez.

Photography to Paul is therapeutic and enables him to express how he feels in each image, meaning that every shot bares more than the aesthetic and is lavishly adorned with an emotion, that words sometimes can’t convey.

Fujifilm X-Photographer ian macdonald

Canadian Fujifilm X-Photographer Ian MacDonald’s passion for photography lies on the streets and in travel photography. A prolific photographer, Ian uses his relational skills set, honed from his past vocation as a paramedic, to capture what really matters to him and that is people. In whatever genre he records moments, the people and their story are what matter.

Ian is also a well-respected photography educator and runs many workshops, teaching others about street and travel photography both in Canada and around the world.

Fujifilm X-Photographer charlene winfred

Nordic Fujifilm X-Photographer Charlene Winfred finds her inspiration for her photography through her love for travelling and movement between cultures, places and people.

She thrives on being in transit and her portfolio is is a celebration of her changing locations and durations of stay. Charlene also keeps a superb blog that documents, not only what her camera sees but an eloquent flow of words that support the photographs captured.

As well as being an ambassador for Fujifilm, Charlene has recently started a dream position as Communications Officer for the charity, Preemptive Love Coalition in Iraq.

Fujifilm X-Photographer bert stephani

Belgium Fujifilm X-Photographer Bert Stephani is a photographer who specialises in creative portraiture and compelling storytelling.

He enjoys shooting stories, creating big narratives from smaller tales. His portraiture is such that he likes to capture the uniqueness of a person making each photo individual. Bert is also a champion and campaigner for photography, admitting to being a strong advocate of this artistic movement. He holds workshops and speaks at engagements to share his knowledge and passion for the medium. All this makes him the highly skilled and mastered photographer he is. Bert is a member of the international photography collective, KAGE.

Fujifilm X-Photographer Rinzi ruiz

USA Fujifilm X-Photographer Rinzi Ruiz is a freelance photographer who specialises in street photography. His previous vocation saw him being a graphic design Art Director. Coupled with using his knowledge and aesthetic based experience in this field and self educating himself photography, he has amassed an aesthetic style and that has become very well known.

Rinzi is a master at utilising light and shadow to their fullest and his body of work certainly testifies to that, giving his work a celestial feel to his graphic fuelled photography.

Fujifilm X-Photographer patrick laroque

Canadian Fujifilm X-Photographer Patrick laRoque is a photographer with a very strong passion for visual stories and narratives.

Patrick is a highly accomplished photographer and a Fuji-X Global Ambassador for good reason. He has a formidable eye at creating the most intriguing composition and narratives that excel the story being told. Storytelling is what fuels his photography, whether that be personally, professionally, editorially or corporately. Patrick possesses a sound belief that storytelling is relevant in all facets of life and that it connects us to the world we live in.

He is also a member of the international photography collective, KAGE.